Home Energy Rewards

Additional rewards for customers

Earn rewards from propane or fuel oil deliveries, any service or equipment installation, or purchase of pellets or coal.

Mirabito Energy Products customers can choose whether to redeem at the pump or for various Energy Products offerings. Customers choosing to redeem at the pump will earn 1¢ for every 10 gallons of fuel delivered. Customers choosing to not redeem at the pump can redeem Rewards by going to the online Customer Portal or calling 1-866-647-2248. Current redemption offers include a certificate to put towards any home energy bill, percentage off of a Total Comfort Plan (TCP), or percentage off of a Mirabito Value Plan (MVP).

It’s OUR way of thanking YOU, our valuable customers.

Ask for your card to be linked to your home heating account to earn Rewards on home heat purchases or earn cents off at the pump. Earn more Rewards by shopping at Mirabito Convenience Stores and heating your home with Mirabito Energy Products!